*NEW* Ethiopia- Baraka Buna Dry Process

*NEW* Ethiopia- Baraka Buna Dry Process

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Farm Profile: This is an extremely aromatic and pleasant dry processed coffee from the Kochore area.  The mill in which the coffee was processed at is located not far out of the town of Chelélektu.  In the dry process method the whole coffee cherries are laid out on raised beds and dried in the sun.  This method produces an overall much fruity and sweet flavor profile, similar to the cherry itself.  More than 80% of the coffees produced in Ethiopia are processed using this method.  This lot was prepared using Grade 1 standards. This is my favorite Ethiopian Yirgacheffe I have had in 2017 so far.  I highly recommend this coffee!

Cupping Notes: Very aromatic, blueberry, dried mango, pineapple.

Processing: Dry Process

Varietal: Heirloom Varieties

Bag Size: 12oz. Whole Bean or 3lb. Whole Bean

This coffee is a direct trade coffee and is guaranteed that the price received by the farmer was over 50% higher than FT pricing.

Freshly Roasted in Kalamazoo, Michigan.



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