*NEW* Ethiopia- Dumerso Dry Process Light Roast

*NEW* Ethiopia- Dumerso Dry Process Light Roast

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Farm Profile: Small-holder farmers and local buying stations deliver their crop to a locally owned washing station, Dumerso which is located just outside of Yirgacheffe Town.  Dumerso dedicates a lot of its space and efforts to their dry processed coffees opposed to their wet processed lots.  They continue to improve their drying methods and continue adding more and more raised beds.  The care taken in growing, processing and packaging can be noticed in the quality tasting notes of this particular selected lot.  This is an A+ coffee!

Cupping Notes: Very aromatic, fruit heavy- raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, intense dark chocolate. Mild acidity. Nice heavy body.

Processing: Dry Process

Varietal: Heirloom Varieties

This coffee is a direct trade coffee and is guaranteed that the price received by the farmer was over 50% higher than FT pricing.

Bag Size: 12oz. Whole Bean or 3lb. Whole Bean

12 oz. bag $13.50. 3 lb. bag $40.50 (save $13.50 by buying in bulk)

Freshly Roasted in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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