*NEW* Tanzania- Kitamu Light Roast

*NEW* Tanzania- Kitamu Light Roast

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Farm Profile: Most African coffees are named after a town, washing station or landmark.  This coffee is different.  Named by our importer, they named the coffee, Kitamu which is Swahili for sweet tasting.  This coffee comes from a community lot where most farmers have very small coffee plots.  Most of these farmers use locally made hand pulpers, wash and ferment the coffee in buckets and sun-dry on raised beds.  The coffee is often grown with other crops such as bananas, avocados, beans and maize.  This coffee was milled at a community mill named Rafiki.

The Kilimangaro region is in the Northeast of Africa and is home of coffee in Tanzania.  Coffee has been very important to this region for quite some time. The Kilimangaro Native Coffee Union is Tanzania's first and oldest cooperative and was established in 1925.  The rich volcanic soil and plentiful rainfall makes this an ideal region for quality coffee production.

Cupping Notes: Plum, Caramel, Baking Spices, Honey

Processing: Dry Process

Varietal: Bourbon, Kent, R24, S39

Bag Size: 12oz. Whole Bean or 3lb. Whole Bean

12 oz. bag $12. 3 lb. bag $36.00 (save $12 by buying in bulk)

Freshly Roasted in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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