Peru- Perene Agrarian Coffee Cooperative Dark Roast

Peru- Perene Agrarian Coffee Cooperative Dark Roast

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Farm Profile: Perené Agrarian Coffee Cooperative, founded on March 11th, 1966 and aims to improve the living conditions of its members and their family under development with gender equity.

Its main objective is to provide marketing, technical assistance and training for their members. Perené CAC partners produce arabica coffee, shady native and exotic trees. They also have the banana and pineapple, as complementary crops sold in the regional market.

Its partners are migrants from the highlands of Huancavelica, Huanuco and Arequipa region; likewise, natives of the Yanesha and the Ashaninka ethnic groups. Located on both banks of the Perene River in the district of Perene, Chanchamayo province, Junín Region.

Using Fair Trade premiums, the organization has developed programs that provide training, technical assistance and capacity building workshops for their members. The organization firmly believes in the development and social investments made to improve members’ and communities’ living conditions. They hope everyone will soon recognize the importance of small coffee producers and their efforts taken to guaranty the delivery of their product, despite challenges in the global market and recent diseases hitting coffee crops.

Cupping Notes:  Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Extra Smooth & Sweet.

Processing: Wet Process

Bag Size: 12 oz. whole bean or 3 lb. whole bean

This coffee is a Fair-Trade Organic Coffee.  

Freshly Roasted in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


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