Who We Are.


Our Mission

Ethically Source Coffees. Focus on Quality. Be Knowledgeable.  
Always Learn More. Explore New Things. Share Experiences & Ideas.
Roast Damn Good Coffee.   Don't Work Too Hard.  Be Happy.


Business Profile

Euphoria Coffee Company is a small batch specialty coffee roaster out of Kalamazoo, MI.  With an exceptional focus on quality and freshness, Euphoria Coffee is very selective over green coffee purchases, roast profiles, green/roasted coffee storage and where our coffees can be purchased.  Our coffees are only available for  purchase on our website, at local farmer's markets and a small selection of specialty food stores.  To ensure freshness, all coffee sold online will be roasted to order and shipped within 24 hours of roasting.  Coffees sold at local farmer's markets will be roasted within 72 hours of the market day and coffees sold in local specialty stores will have a maximum shelf life of 14 days.  

Shop Fresh. Shop Euphoria Coffee.  

Personal Profile - Garrett Krugh

My name is Garrett Krugh and I have been working in the coffee business for 8 years.  I went to Western Michigan University for 3 years and then dropped out before finishing to start my first business.  I co-own a larger roasting operation, Kalamazoo Coffee Co. and a small cafe, Black Owl Cafe.  I have a passion for coffee and a mind for business.  I am always trying to improve my knowledge about coffee quality and roasting.  Euphoria Coffee Co. is currently a one man show which is a lot of work but at the same time is extremely rewarding.  I believe hard work pays off and if you're passionate about your work, it really isn't that hard after all anyways.  

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wonderful girlfriend, Sydney and our cute black lab puppy, Cleo.  We do fun things!  

That's it.